Monday, 21 November 2011

Introduction to Blog

Hi this blog is about Cardfight Vanguard, a new TCG game from Bushiroad released in 2011. This blog contains the analysis of the decks I play. I mainly play Kagero and Royal Paladins now (so no promise I will post on all clans), so most lists and analysis are on them. I hope I can post on other clans if I can, or have other clan players help me to share their builds.

For your info, I link the cards listed to Cardfight Vanguard Wiki. As for card pricing I suggest you check out Bigweb for their prices in JPY and convert at your domestic currency conversion rate. Do note that Bigweb serves only as a guideline, it is afterall based on the player demand in Japan, and thus it doesn't necessary reflect your country's player demand for cards.

Without further ado, let's go on to the decks.

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