Thursday, 24 November 2011

Fusion Deck 1: Amon Flare

Fusion Deck 1: Amon Flare

Taking these 2 boss cards to form a mix deck makes an interestingly new collaboration that is undeniably worth talking about. Coincidentally so, both cards actually work very well together, and we will see why. Firstly the deck list:

17 Grade 0
1 Vermillion Gatekeeper
4 Doctor
4 Ritter
4 Raksha
4 Gatling Claw Dragon

14 Grade 1
4 Alluring Sucubus
2 March Hare of Nightmare
4 Doreen The Thruster
4 Demon Maddona Joka

11 Grade2
4 Blue Dust
4 Knowledge Drunkard
3 Relentless Sutherland

8 Grade 3
4 Blazing Flare Dragon, BFD
4 Amon

Basic Play Style:
This is outright a combo deck, it uses the dark irregulars, DI main core, mixed with a little kagero, the multi stackers that gains +3000 power from retiring any opponent's rearguard. The key card is Amon, he is the only one you would most likely want as your grade 3 vanguard, he is a very powerful vanguard, that is undeniable, but this itself is also this deck's main weakness. The plan is simple, soul charge as much as you can till you can ride a grade 3, ride Amon asap, call BFD's, doreens and jokas. And use Amon's counterblast 1 ability to power up your entire army and hammer away at your opponent.

In Depth Deck Analysis:
Amon, the lead of this deck:

Continuous【V】: For each 《Dark Irregulars》
in your soul, this unit gets +1000 power during
your turn.
Activate【V】: [Counterblast (1), Choose
one of your 《Dark Irregulars》 rear-guards,
and move it to soul] Your opponent chooses
one of their own rear-guards, and retires it.

The main focus of this deck is Amon's 2nd ability "Counterblast (1), Choose one of your 《Dark Irregulars》 rear-guards, and move it to soul] Your opponent chooses one of their own rear-guards, and retires it."

Why? let's take a look at the following formation:

Ideally you want a set up like this, Amon vanguard, 2 BFD upfront, 2 doreens or jokas back row (preferably doreen), Next place 1 DI unit on the empty space, activate Amon's ability, soulcharge that DI unit and opponent retires 1 unit, now what do you notice, BFD, Doreen, Joka all +3000! Now repeat it again and they all get +3000 again, lastly call an alluring sucubus to the empty space and soulcharge 1, doreen +3000 once more. From this, lets say Amon had only 4 cards in the soul (you should have more from earlier soulcharging), these 3 soul charges makes him 7 soul, making him 17,000 (assuming all 7 cards are DI which is really not that difficult sincfe you should have a bigger soul.) His column boost by joka is 17,000+12,000 (because the opponent retired 2 units) = 39,000. The left BFD column is 16,000+15,000 = 31,000 and the right column assumed boosted by succubus is 16,000+7,000=23,000. Now isn't that very high power! plus this deck runs 8 crit triggers, Amon is really gonna be punching hard. And you did all that by only counterblasting twice. If you take 4 damage, you can repeat this again next turn. Wow, how much guards the opponent needs to stop that! And don't forget each time you carry out this combo the opponent loses 2 units from the board, that is some card disadvantage to him/her.

Yes, Amon is the champ here, but Amon is also this deck's main weakness. Why? Well what if you don't get him? That's really it for you pal. And as with all combo decks in any tcg, without the right cards in your hand, that's just uncomfortable. Thus, as with all combo decks in any game, this deck is very volatile, get the right hand or draw the right cards, you are boss. Else you are in trouble. Therefore, this is a high risk high return deck.

The trigger package:
We all know that DI's trigger suite is really quite screwed at the time of writing, with 8 stand triggers and no draws. And since DI soulcharges a lot, its handsize is really its weakness. But mixing with Kagero gives you access to Kagero's draw triggers, I added in Kagero's crit triggers too making this an 8 crit deck. Why? Because Amon is so huge, why would you prefer to stand a rearguard, don't you wanna crit!? I chose Raksha because like Joka, it is a multistack booster itself too.

Pros of the Deck:
1. When combo correctly, it is unstoppably powerful.
2. Access to a better trigger suite that overcomes DI's conventional weaknesses in lacking draws and crits.

Weakness of Deck:
1. Risky, relies very heavily on Amon.

Overall Play Experience:
This is a fun deck to play with especially when you successfully combo. In terms of competitiveness, I think you will like it if you are player who find yourself often blessed by lady luck. Enjoy.

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